Display Issue in Simulation map

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Display Issue in Simulation map

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Hi all,

I would like to know how to let the simulation map display air temperature, wind speed and wind direction at the same time. It means that I want that arrows represent the wind direction, the size of arrows represents the wind speed and the colour represents the air temperature. I have tried to have different selection in "Assign Map Layers and Elements" under DataNavigator, but no change at all.

I guess it is related to "vector" and "secondary arrow"? But what should I click in Leonardo? Could you please teach me in details? Thanks in advance.


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Re: Display Issue in Simulation map

Post by Frederic »

Hello SIM,

have you already watched this tutorial video?
https://youtu.be/Ljct6gB-9bc?list=PL38p ... fIOsQyLP_t

There, a sample map is created step by step, fitting your requirements.
If you hae further questions that were not answered in the video, feel free to ask.


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