Draining Concrete

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Draining Concrete

Post by Marcello_t »

Hello everybody.

I need to insert a layer of Draining Concrete in my soil profile.
I guess I must customize the material by myself (or maybe I did not realize it is already in the Database?)
I have no Idea about the Physical parameters I should write there.

Can anyone help me please?
Maybe smeone who already used it?

Thank you very much!


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Re: Draining Concrete

Post by Tim »

Hi Marcello,

I never heard of anyone creating that material before. However, maybe someone can help you with that.

You will definitely have to do some research on the physical parameters of that soil. About the database, I want to give you the hint to create it as Natural Soil instead of Artificial. It is then handled differently by the simulation (water uptake and release is possible). You could have a look at 0000BS (Smashed Brick) for an example. The physical parameters however will look quite different to your new concrete type.

Best regards,

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