Shapefiles distorted in Monde

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Shapefiles distorted in Monde

Postby Mosaicinsights » Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:36 pm


I'm importing some WGS84 shapefiles into Monde but when they are loaded into the program they look really wonky and not quite right. Do you know why this has happened?

I've attached the shapefiles, a screenshot of what they look like in Monde (sorry I didn't know how to remove the subarea so it's not as clear) and what they look like in QGIS. In Monde they look sort of hand drawn and wonky.

If you are importing into Monde the area is around 200m x 200m in a place called Cairnlea, Vic, Australia. The coordinates of the data are (305793.9,5817767.0)

I haven't had this issue before and my model runs keep crashing so I was wondering if they were related somehow.

Thanks for your time,
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Re: Shapefiles distorted in Monde

Postby Tim » Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:58 pm

Hi Steph,

It happens due to projecting the data into a cartesian coordinate system.
We will check why the distortion happens there.
However, simply transform the data into a projected coordinate reference system with QGIS, e.g. UTM.

Best regards,

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