Using ENVI-met to model air pollution

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Using ENVI-met to model air pollution

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I have a basic question with regards to ENVI-met. Is the program suitable to model NOxs, ozone, PM, etc. at a resolution of 4m in an urban city? I have input all measured data into the model and then compared the model results with actual measured values of that day in the past. My results fall short with respect to the actual collected data (eg: the model way overestimates NO2, way underestimates ozone).
I'm wondering if I am using ENVI-met in a way that it was not intended to be used?
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Re: Using ENVI-met to model air pollution

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Hi Isabella,

Yes, you should definitely be able simulate that with ENVI-met. I don't know if there has been a validation with measured data but I guess it would be pretty hard to do that as background concentrations and emissions based on vehicle amounts/speeds/types are very tough to be estimated to fit reality.

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