Pollution Source Temperature

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Pollution Source Temperature

Postby solin578 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 5:30 pm

Hello Envi-Met Team,

I wish to ask several questions about defining sources in Spaces module. I have measurement data of NOx, CO, CO2 ppm values emmitted by a flue gas chimney. I need to define the temperature of this source as well. But apparently, maybe I couldn't manage to define them, there is no CO or CO2 source data available for any input in data manager. This leads me to define two different sources but there is only one single square grid which is going to represent the emission in my model.

The other issue is the lack of temperature adjustment. I couldn't find anywhere to set temperature of an emission. Since there is no topic related to these know-how questions I've been able to find, i had to ask about it.

I would be appreciated if I may have information about these two issues and would like to consider your advice on how to merge all kinds of emissions to one single grid by defining a source in datamanager, and how to define a temperature to it (lets say, 120 degree celcius).

Yours sincerely,


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Re: Pollution Source Temperature

Postby Tim » Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:07 am


Unfortunately, you cannot set a source temperature. We did not implement anthropogenic heat sources, yet.
Only one type of Source can be set on one grid cell. The user emission profile can be used for your source of CO or CO2. Both cannot be set into one grid cell but you may place a second source with the other component into a grid cell right next to the correct grid cell.
NO and NO2 are available as additional emission profiles in the DBManager (so, NOx needs to be splitted into both components).

Best regards,

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