Log Files in case of model crash

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Log Files in case of model crash

Post by msiller »

Hello ENVI-met-Team,
We wondered why the simulation log is not written to a file when the model crashes. It is only written when a simulation has finished successful.
In our practice Envi-core hung up several times completely, so we were not even able to scroll through the log to check what happened or whether there
were some warnings earlier. We had to close Envi-core and all the log was lost.
Thus, we would be happy about a log file, which is written either simultaneously or at least as soon as an error occurs.

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Log Files in case of model crash

Post by Tim »

Hi Maria,

Thank you for the hint. Obviously, the log file cannot be written if the program accidentally hung up as it did not know that the error will occur. However, we will definitely consider to write the log file constantly during the simulation as you suggested.
For most errors however (Floating Point, Unknown Error etc.), you should be able to click OK and then scroll back up.

Best regards,

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