Positive feedback using ENVImet V4.4.5 Summer20!

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Positive feedback using ENVImet V4.4.5 Summer20!

Postby ADrebs » Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:29 pm


Positive feedback using ENVImet V4.4.5 Summer20!

Starting several months ago to simulate three down-town areas in Helsinki for time series analysis of human comfort I used ENVImet V4.4.4. In six set-ups the building heights increased from 4 to 35 metres and the buildings covered from about 40% to more than 80% of the area of interest. All set-ups contained yard areas on ground level, the grid size was 1.5x1.5x2.0 metres. There was a summer and a winter simulation run. All runs were successful with V4.4.4, except the last summer one with the highest buildings and the smallest yard areas. There always an increasing instability around the same spot and time. After identifying the grid of instability, I corrected the surroundings in question in small steps in question six times and rerun the simulations. Always with the same result of instability. Then this summer came V4.4.5 with the announcement, that this version contains an improvement in instability handling – and it worked indeed. The seventh simulation run was after 191 hours of crunching numbers successful (unfortunately I don’t have a proper fast computer to use).

Well done, ENVImet team!


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